Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Staci, Tracey and Matt

Personal Directed learning is accessible to all employees with opportunities available online with YouTube, SharePoint, and a Facebook closed page for employees, as well as variety of other tools and links to be found Pinterest and Diigo. Employees may access this at their own pace and interest. 

Formal structured learning
Social media can be used for continuous learning. With prework opportunities, session work,  continual conversations between sessions, and post work or recap/reconnect after the course is complete to keep momentum going. It is our role to be the filter and select the tools that work well together with our audience at what THEY use already. We don't want another level of training needed for the participant to learn another social media type. Incorporating technology into the classroom.

Group Directed Learning is
giving a learning objective and have a collaboration of attendees to use tools such as Google Drive and using Pinterest or Diigo to direct them to the appropriate link. Moving away from email and allowing real-time collaboration on one document or product.

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